Hadley’s Latest Discovery – Her Thumb!

A recent development on the Hadley front is her discovery of her thumb. In the last couple of days, she has started to get just enough control of her hands that she can routinely land one of her mits around her mouth consistently. This has opened a whole new set of oral options. No more Nuk, the knuckle is where it’s at. Currently, she is most fond of the lower thumb knuckle and upper, outside portion of the palm. However, she can hook the whole thumb between her gums occasionally, which is her newfound joy. Let me say, when it happens, she is working that thing, gnawin’, suckin’, chompin’, and slurpin’ to her little heart’s content. It is quite a sight to see, rather comical in fact.

Also, Hadley has found a new favorite pastime, tracking those floating animals hanging from her mobile. She loves the mobiles! She will sit and watch them, cooing and babbling. She gets all excited with the musical one above her bed. If only its tune and motion lasted longer, because it induces all kinds of kicks and wiggles. She has a particular fondness for the blue critters, the blue elephant above her bed and the blue toucan above her swing. There is even a blue elephant printed on the apron of the swing that transfixes our little girl. As a result, Ali has dubbed that one Rasputin, because of his spellbinding powers over Hadley. The pics should attest to this new mobile fascination.

Hopefully, many of you have had the chance to enjoy the photo book from the previous post. I thought it was one of the cooler Flickr tools out there. Plan on seeing some more books soon. I am thinking that Christmas will make for a fantastic one!

I also want to point out that I have begun including a ranking system for posts. So take the time and let me know what you like. While I love it when people leave comments too, clicking on a star is a bit easier, to be sure. Plus, it would be nice to see what people other than Ali think abou the posts.

On a completely different front, the soccer season is finally over, for which I am grateful. As much as I love the game and coaching, even the team I had this year, I am so glad to have some more time during the day. Of course, promptly after the season finished I found a way to break my big toe playing at a coaching clinic. That was a lot of fun, let me tell you. So as a player, I am on the shelf through the Holidays.

Hadley’s First Online Photo Book

I came across this little tool and thought it too cool to pass up. So here are some new photos of our little baby girl in her first fall season. To think she already has been with us over two months!

Directions: Click the box to activate the book. Then click the lower corner of any page to flip the pages back and forth. If you hold the mouse over the corner, the page will begin to curl, signaling the click.


Hope you enjoy book number one.

New England Sports Dominance & Hadley’s First Halloween

I have been meaning to write something about the Red Sox since last week. Only a week and a half ago the Red Sox won their second World Series in the last three years and it is already ancient history.

What a transformation.

Apart from the floating rally downtown, Red Sox Nation has simply come to expect post season victories, now the that the curse has been broken. Maybe it was the fact that they didn’t meet the Yankees during October, but this year’s team won and it almost seemed anti-climactic. For all the hype of Colorado’s sizzling stretch run, this one never seemed to be in doubt. Perhaps that’s another reason for the short memories.

Of course, Monday morning, following the celebration in Denver, the Red Sox were very nearly overshadowed by the charging behemoth that is the local NFL franchise. There is no question that this is decidedly a baseball town, and the Red Sox reign. Yet, the Patriot beatdown of the Redskins, earlier that afternoon, was so spectacular that it drew the ire of the sporting world. Moreover, the midseason showdown against the Colts was looming so large on the horizon, it seems these two events stole some of the Red Sox sunshine. Plus, is there a team in the NFL that is likely to beat the Patriots at this moment, because Indy was unanimously the best of the rest and defending champ?

Hadley, however, was ready to go for game four with support for Tito’s team. Witness her below laughing with joy in her Red Sox gear.

On a separate note entirely, Halloween came and went rather quickly too. Yet, we still managed to outfit Hadley with some amusing holiday garb. Aunt Keri had set Hadley up with a peanut costume before birth. Unfortunately it proves hard to tell whether she is a peanut or simply a beige blob. Concerned, Ali secured an alternative for necessary costume changes. The result is a nearly two foot long dog, covered with savory mustard striping. Doesn’t she look positively delicious? Ali often tells our beloved daughter, “I just want to eat you.” Staring at the large all beef looking dog, I suddenly understood this idea on a whole new level.

Beyond that, here are some other pics of the little cutie!