Harvard vs. Yale: A New England Fall Classic

A few weeks ago I had my first experience with a New England fall classic, the Harvard-Yale football game. Having attended my first Harvard football game earlier in the season and finding the whole experience cool, I was more than game to return for the biggest game of the year at Soldier’s Field. Plus, it was nice chance to bond with the father-in-law a bit, who as a Harvard employee secured the tickets. Even though Harvard basically got slapped around the field, the game did not disappoint.

Photo: Soldier's Field

Photo: Harvard Flag Photo: Yale Flag

For one, Harvard’s stadium, Soldier’s Field, is really quite beautiful with its Romanesque colonnade construction. It looks even cooler when it is packed with people. Unfortunately, this is the only game that really draws such crowds. It is a bit of drag that it only happens every other year. Judge for yourself. Empty it looks a bit more like a tomb, packed it is quite a site.

Photo: Stadium Colonnade Harvard Draw Running Play

Photo: Harvard Athletic Building

Since we were sitting on the Yale side of the horseshoe, we were privy to a number of sightings. Senator John Kerry was standing in the aisle right next to our seats for quite a time. For a minute, I thought maybe he was working the crowd with his new comedy material with the safe crowd of fellow alumni. Later, I put two and two together and realized that we were sitting across the aisle from the university president. Recent failed gubernatorial candidate Chris Gabrielli made his way past us as well during the game, also seeking out the sanctity of fellow alumni. Considering all the people this game drags out and the beating Eli’s Bulldogs were putting on the Crimson, it was a pretty exciting place to sit.

Photo: More Football Action

Photo: Soldier's Field with a Full House

Photo: Scoreboard

However, the best part of the day had to have been the streaker! That’s right an event of this magnitude brings out all the attention seekers, and in the latter part of the blowout the game stopped while a guy ran all over the gridiron with nothing on but a smile and “MIT” written down his back! I am amazed that in all the sporting events that I have attended, this was the first streaker I have witnessed. It was quite amusing, and he covered a lot of ground before he was finally wrestled to the field turf. Surprisingly, it took a while, but I guess who wants to tackle the naked guy, right? Even more amusing was that most people missed the second streaker, who got nabbed before he could really get full exposure. You have to hnd it to those MIT guys though. They are quite the pranksters, and it stand to reason that they would not want to be outdone by their Cambridge neighbors.

Photo: Streaker on the Run

Photo: Streaker Stopped

Still Trying to Catch-up

Well despite my best efforts to be more regular in my updating this site, I find that nearly a month has passed since my last post. Unfortunately, despite my best efforts the job has taken significant precedence in my life, much to my new wife’s chagrin. Just ask her. Even this morning, she lovingly lamented, “You work too much.” Strangely, it seems as though this year is just a whole lot harder than the past two. As I have mentioned previously, I can only conclude that all the new material and adjustments have finally caught up with me, methinks.

Photo: Me Working Photo: Having Some Fun

Still, this space is a never endingly fun space to just kind of hash out what is going on in our lives. Of course Ali, repeatedly informs me that by now no one actually reads the page anymore. So, what started out as an outlet to force me to write on a regular basis and simultaneously keep people back in the Midwest up to date on my miscellaneous adventures in New England has withered a bit in recent months. Even more annoying is that I am busier more now than ever, but it is almost all work related. So by the time I get home, I usually just want to sit in front of the television or fire up the Playstation, and not have to think a whole lot. Of course mine is a mind that is always racing, so that is pretty hard to do. Nevertheless, I am trying to ease off the longer posts and settle for the shorter snippets with more pictures, since Ali reminds me regularly, “People want to see more photos!”

So here are a couple of more recent photos. Amazingly, Ali, the principle photographer of human subjects, snapped these rather beautiful shots of the city in which we live, and there are surprisingly no human subjects.

Photo: Waltham Mill

Photo: Waltham Mill - Reverse Angle

In keeping with the more photos idea, I am experimenting with some ways to post more wedding photos, since we have finally collected nearly all of them. So I’ll definitely post that when it is finished. Next on the docket is a recap of some of the more fun things we did this fall.