We’re having a baby!!!

Yes, it is true! While word has been leaking out for the last week, I wanted to make it completely public.

So for all of those that haven’t heard yet, Ali is building a baby! Ali just eclipsed her first trimester and is doing great. Of course she has been perpetually nauseous, without ever tossing her cooks, and generally feeling lousy, but the excitement has kept her thriving. I suppose the fading from the fatigue of a fetus sucking all the life-juice out of you incessantly is helping her stay rested. Considering what light sleeper she is I have considered this to be a definite plus.

Even more exciting, we got to see the little critter today at the first ultrasound! The little thing was squirming all over the place and couldn’t sit still, making it a little tricky for the technician to get a lot of quality looks. I don’t know where it gets that behavior from? Still, the doctor was patient and extremely positive. So despite all the movement everyone was able to gather enough data for all the tests that the pros need to run. But we got to see it! And so do you. Get a load of the little baby.

Photo: Ultrasound of Baby Haas - Body Profile

So it is definitely real and fills me with a heady cocktail of excitement and terror. Ali on the other hand has a paradoxically thrilling calm about her. Thus, together we are making quite a combo. Best of all, it looks like everything is progressing normally, which is the best news of all.

Photo: Ultrasound of Baby Haas - Head Profile

Happy Valentine’s Day & Birthday Recap

Happy Valentines Day to all. May thoughts of Cupid reign supreme and the chocolate flow like water. In addition to being the lover’s day, it also turns out to be the school year’s first snow day, considering New England is being belted by a Nor’easter that has delivered snow, slush, and a great deal of ice. Thus, the driving conditions are such that those kids traveling to school would indeed be dangerous. Coasting into the February break, I can think of worse times to claim a free day, although this isn’t exactly a snow day fraught with fun and winter enjoyment. It is pretty nasty outside and only getting nastier.

Well, my efforts to keep things here more up to date is a never ending struggle of futility. The school year has definitely been taking a toll on me this year. Sometime in November things became a grind and I kept thinking that they would get better, but, alas, they have not. While I certainly enjoy my job, I have just been feeling like everything is a whole lot more work this year. Needless to say, I am looking forward to the vacation week with some serious anticipation. Hopefully, I can get some work related things done that can make the march to the end of the year a good one.

So, my birthday past a few weeks ago. As usual, my lovely wife shipped in the delicious Italian beef sandwiches from the native Chicago. It has become the birthday tradition, and one I think we anticipate highly. Keri might be the most eager of all, requesting frequent updates of when the goods will arrive and when we will be busting them open and devouring them. It was an easy going evening where the three of us inhaled some beefs and an exquisite coffee and mocha-chip ice cream cake.

Photo: Me preparing a beef Photo: Me with Beef

My wife is without question the most wonderful women in the world, making a last second adjustment on the cake and once again proving her keen insight into the workings of my mind.

Photo: My Birthday Cake

Even the family birthday at Ali’s parents, where her little brother and I share the party and treats was a low-key and enjoyable affair. Many thanks to all that were kind enough to phone, send cards, or generously give me a gift. It was a very pleasant time, considering that I just keep getting older and have recently begun to start feeling it.

Photo: The Birthday Boys

Tomorrow, will be my beloved’s birthday, for which I feel completely unprepared and inept. The trouble with her is that she is extremely thoughtful, sweet, and amazing at discerning what gifts give me, while I am a complete boob, unless the gift is some kind of jeweled bauble. Hopefully, some extra inspiration will come my way.