A Visitor from Far Aflight

So my friend Ken made his first pilgrimage to Boston recently, only problem was that it was a day when snow was blanketing the Northeast. So the controllers, in their infinite wisdom, were inquiring if his direct-from-the-west-coast plane could keep circling some outer beacon high above Logan for an extra forty-five minutes while a runway was cleared. Being a direct flight, the response was a negative and they were re-routed to Syracuse for a flash fueling before finally arriving in Boston some six hours after their scheduled arrival. Nevertheless, it was a great, albeit brief, stay.

Me, Ken, and Hadley

His main objective was to meet the lovely Miss Hadley and this was quickly accomplished the morning after his arrival. He was instantly taken with her. While she is our daughter and all, it is nice when there is independent corroboration of what Ali and I perceive, “That she is the greatest baby, ever!” Ken confirmed this as fact.

Hadley and Ken

He couldn’t get over how good and pleasant she is. He dubbed her the wunderkind, ne’er a more perfect title for our littlest one. She seemed to quite fond of him as well, let the evidence show.

Happy Birthdays and Other Milestones

Many milestones have passed in the life of our young daughter. This weekend she eclipsed six months on the rock. Happy Half Birthday, Hadley! This came on the heels of her mother’s real birthday, as Ali logged another year a couple of weeks ago. Both days were heralded with small celebrations, although Ali’s day was absorbed a bit by the Patriot’s collapse.

Ali's Birthday

Ali's Birthday with Kiddos

Getting Cuter By the Minute

Hadley’s gibberish chatter is reaching new sophistication. She has now taken to repeating things like, “Ah-boo,” “Mmm-bah,” as well as a raspberry-like elephant lip buzzing, occasionally accompanied with some saliva. She has also become quite drooly of late. Teeth are certainly in the offing. She is getting better and better at manipulating her little mitts and fingers, getting pretty grabby when her thumb and forefinger are not working her gums. Now she can get her Nuk back into her mouth with some real consistency, although she would rather gnaw on it in various positions.

Punk Rock Girl Mommy and Me

I Got It! Here Comes Bunny

Surrender the Boobies Look, I Can Sit!

Also, she is even beginning to sit by herself in short spurts before realizing what she is doing and tipping over onto her side. Negotiating all that head weight is still a challenge for her. Ali has been hovering closely to catch the baby if Hadley gets too distracted and discovers that she is not quite strong enough yet.

Bath Time

Sportin' Adidas

Hmmm, Furry!

On the locomotive front the kid is awfully close to crawling. She has been rolling everywhere for the last couple of weeks and finding her way into all kinds of things. She has very little interest in staying on her back any more, so she has been racking up the tummy time minutes. It has all been good practice for the eventual crawling. She is now at the point where she hoists her hips up off the ground and accidentally scoots backwards. She hasn’t sorted out all the moves in sequence yet, but a baby on the move is nigh.

I Love This Thing!