Happy Holidays

Amidst the rush of Christmas, with all its haste and mayhem, I did not get to wish everyone a wonderful holiday. So, here’s to wishing everyone happy holidays, no matter which days you recognize. Hopefully, those that have past were full of joy and merriment and may there be much mirth on those to come. Catch you all in the New Year, when I am back in New England live and refreshed!

Now the Real Snow Has Truly Arrived

Well, the first “real” snowstorm has finally settled upon New England, and we are getting hit with it today. Well, at least we don’t have airplanes running of the runways, yet. Logan International is quickly becoming notorious for runway incidents. So, it may only be a matter of time. Nevertheless, we are feeling the full effect of the storm that ripped through the Midwest and the snow arrived, fouling everything up even before dawn arrived.

While the accumulation was only an inch or two by 7:00 AM, the stunning thing was that school was not cancelled. Of course all the kids moaned and complained, questioning, “Why are we even here?” I could almost see their point in that about 300 schools in the Greater Boston cancelled classes. Quite frankly, I was delighted that classes were in session. After last year, I got my fill of snow days for awhile. Our school year already goes well into June. I would rather not be preparing lessons or grading papers in July. Can you even imagine school after the Fourth of July? Plus, with classes meeting only four days a week, on an odd rotating schedule, every time we lose a day, it fouls the schedule up for every section that does not meet that day. It is a complete hassle and almost impossible to get multiple classes anywhere near being on the same schedule.

Anyway, the blizzard-like conditions should make it a fun weekend.

New England’s First Real Snow of the Year

With yesterday being the first real snowfall, at least one that decided to stick around for awhile, New England is officially awash in white. The Waltham Common was laden with about three fluffy inches on the ground and small amounts clinging to the trees, which looked particularly beautiful amidst the lights during the night. Since the afternoon was so gray and gloomy the glow of the Christmas lights coupled with the dusting of powder gave the whole area outside our humble abode a holiday charm. So much so, that Ali and I darted into the minor tundra for a brief photo session. Here is the best of us with lights in the background.

Photo: Me and Ali Amidst the Lights at Night

All the snow certainly was a harbinger of festivities to come, if ever there was one. Considering that we are supposedly in store for a few inches more, I have concluded that whatever the calendar might say winter is sincerely upon us. Of course, Ali’s just glad that we are not feeling the chill of the bitter Midwest cold that seems to have gripped our families earlier in the week. Nevertheless, as we wandered around the common looking for the best angle to snap a holiday picture of ourselves, we definitely felt a chill, just not the subzero kind that is commonplace in Chicago.

Regardless, take some time to knock back some nog and enjoy the view from the window. Winter is always better when white.