First Fall for Our Little Pumpkin

Of course our little pumpkin is none other than –







With fall now officially upon us in New England, Ali took Hadley on her first hunt for a pumpkin in preparation for Halloween, Ali’s favorite holiday. As you can see below, things went pretty well. Mom and baby were successful with the help of Aunt Keri. Hadley definitely has a wardrobe for the season.

The leaves finally started to look ablaze this past week or so. Prior to that, it was more here and there and mostly green.

Of course this fall has brought us another deep playoff run by the Red Sox, which just got a whole lot more exciting with a definitive victory in game 6 of the championship series. Hadley was definitely ready to go today, donning her Red Sox shirt in preparation for an ALCS beating at Fenway. Still, without another win, it is just another in a line of Boston baseball heartbreaks. We’re all holding onto the chance for return to World Series. Tomorrow will tell.