We’re on a New Kind of Clock

When I now think of how often I thought time was elusive before having a child I just have to laugh. What has become more obvious than anything is that Ali and I are simply no longer on our own time. Time is all about Hadley now. Of course this is particularly challenging to Ali and is a difficult thing for anyone without a child to completely understand.

I always hated the pretentious way that sounded when I would hear that sentiment in the past, but our daughter has brought an onrush of realizations that I don’t think I gave enough previous consideration. Preparing to leave the house for any reason is now logistical mobilization. Moreover, once we are ready to go we have a fairly limited window before Hadley needs some kind of tending. It is definitely an adjustment.

One of the fascinating things about when we do take Hadley with us out in public is what a magnet she is. I mean I always knew babies possessed such power, but it is different being the parent as strangers arrive to ogle your kid. In fact, I find myself being sucked into another line I previously dismissed pretty readily, “They grow so fast.” Yet, it is already proving to be so true.

I am gaining some powerful insights into the notion that there will just simply never be enough time, because it really moves so fast.

But enough of all this rot, here are some pictures of the kid. I have to say number 3 “What Are You Lookin’ At?” has to be my favorite picture of her yet, goofy, cute, and lots of personality.

Of course the above images are linked to the original files, but click below for a short video collage. What you think of this?