A Quick Return

Frizwinkle fans, oh how long it has been! All I can say is that there more truth than fiction in the old adage “There is no rest for the wicked.”

As I finished the school year, it is as if everything in life has jettisoned into hyper drive. Prior to finishing with classes we purchased a home. The closing was a near disaster of epic proportions that I should capture in post format. As a teaser I can tell you that if it were not for my lovely wife I might have been incarcerated for assault and battery, and that was dealing with the other realtor. Perhaps the episode will appear in future.

Since buying the house, I have been spending my days painstakingly trying to make the place livable, which it has not been for some time, despite the deadbeats that were “living” there. Things are starting to take shape, but it has been much slower than I had hoped, and the rush is on as our lease expires and Ali’s belly gives way to the birth of our baby.

We did visit friends and family for a week in Chicago and I also spent a week at an Advanced Placement Summer Institute for teaching Composition and Rhetoric. Both of those weeks certainly slowed things a little, but I am just not as fast as I would like regardless.

While it may not seem like much as I write this, it is unbelievable how much time is absorbed in preparing the house for our move. Needless to say it has put a serious cramp on the summer posting, a time when I traditionally generate a lot of content, rooted my own wandering whimsy.

However, once the baby makes itself know to the world, I suspect that there will be more than enough posts of pics and little tidbits documenting a journey that still terrifies me a bit. So have no fear there will be a more concerted effort to stay current than. The demand will likely be too great to drop the ball too long. So I am kind of saving up for what’s to come.

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