East Boston & A Brief Comment on The Big Dig

This weekend I had my first look at East Boston. It is a small neighborhood just across Boston’s Inner Harbor. In fact, I even got to see the face of the not too long gone series Boston Public. East Boston High was the exterior for the show’s school. Although, I am not sure there were any gang tags on the front door on the television show, but then again I didn’t really watch it. Anyway the trip was mainly to check on a new friend who hadn’t been feeling well lately. Despite the fact that he is probably bored out of his mind, with not being able to work he’s is on the mend. Plus, it was the first time to see the residence that Ali and I had heard so many stories about. You see it is one of those places that reveals all the fascinating homeowner quirks after you have moved into it. Nevertheless, they have done some great things already and the future looks bright.

One of the benefits of journeying out that way was I got to take my first drive across the Zakim Bridge. It is a beautiful cable-stayed bridge that, since opening, has established itself as one of local signature landmarks. It is one of the few prizes that The Big Dig has generated, other than the fistfuls of dollars that must have made their way into a handful of insider’s pockets.

You see, over 400 leaks and about 40, 000 points yet to be inspected, it would seem as though one mistake has been replaced with a prettier one. Plus, last time I heard an estimate on how long it would take to find and fix all the leaks, maybe ten years. However, there is no doubt somebody made a whole lot of money, considering the fourteen plus billion dollar price tag. I guess there is still som money to be made yet.

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