Errors and Exposition

Upon publishing my post on The Big E, it was kindly pointed out that I was woefully mistaken in my facts. Thankfully, this individual, you know who you are, was nice enough not to expose me entirely for being such a knucklehead. I had mistakenly said that it was a five-state fair, even misquoting my beloved in the process apparently. This meant that I had inadvertently left out that miniscule slice of American land, Rhode Island. What kind of idiot forgets Rhode Island? Forgive me Rhode Islanders, but I hope all that ardent group of workers at the fair’s state house turned the lights out when they left (don’t miss the dark sarcasm). The entire state population barely passes one million, so a few small cracks are in order. I can’t imagine how I missed it; we ate clam cakes from there for heaven’s sake. However, all is corrected and New England is rightly denoted.

Miner Keri is on the case!

I forgot to mention that when we returned we were the victims of a sudden blackout. Fortunately, Ali and Keri leapt into action and within minutes had the entire place alight with strategically placed candles. Although my favorite part of the episode was miner Keri wandering around the apartment locating the candles. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but Keri with a lamp fixed to her head certainly has more currency. The blackout didn’t last too long, just long enough to stymie Ali’s ability to watch one of her favorite shows, Mystery on PBS. Being the nice boyfriend that I am, I made sure I caught the repeat and taped it for her.

Beyond that Life has begun to settle down a bit for me in New England. Ali and I were able to spend the majority of the weekend rearranging our living quarters to better accommodate the both of us. It took a bit longer than she would have liked, but things are significantly more comfortable. The boxes are gone! I know that will be hard for many of you who were witness to the way I lived the last few years, but believe it. There is nary a box adorning our bedroom to be seen, any longer. Plus, we were able to expand our closet space, which was sorely needed.


With Keri and Zerbert off in New Jersey, winterizing the cabin, we were able to ransack the whole place while reconstructing. This is, by the way, the first mention of the irrepressible canine Zerbert. I have to admit I wasn’t sure of what to think about this dog with a barely functioning set of legs, but she has grown on me since my arrival. Ultimately, I have become convinced; she is pretty cute. Apparently the admiration is mutual, since she bores a whole through me with her fixed gaze. Both Ali and Keri are already thinking I might be spending a bit too much time with little Zerbert. Now that she has got her mug published for all to see, I had better get a few more pics of Ali posted, lest she grow more jealous.

Finally, Happy Birthday to Vince who officially crossed the threshold of the mighty thirties. I am not sure it makes you an adult yet or not, but it is certainly a lot closer!

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