From MA to IL – Primary Destination Glen Ellyn

Delayed but nevertheless pressing on, here is the continuation of our trip out West, as the New England locals confusingly claim. I don’t know about the rest of you, but out West has the suggestion of California to me. We were just heading to Illinois. Also, apologies for the delay, as I was driven to finish class work for my last graduate class. As I write this, I am overjoyed to announce that I have completed all the requirements for my Master of Arts in Teaching degree, finally. As Stan Lee would say, “Excelsior!”

Picking up where I last left off, we arrived in Chicago for our first week, filled with family demands and some fun. I was a bit hamstrung trying to hammer out various writings for the aforementioned classes, but the girls were off and running straight away. Within days we were graced with the new Terwedow arrival, as Ali’s brother Henry and his wife Mona proudly displayed a three-week old Zoë, still fresh and pink from the womb. The viewing of the baby also coincided with Keri’s birthday, Chicago-style. The old girl took the additional year in stride, albeit with the help of heavy reliance on her compadre Sangria, as can be seen in the lower right corner of the frame below. Older brother Henry got into the birthday celebration act too, but no doubt to his satisfaction no documentation of his festivities were fit to print.

Photo: Baby Zoe Photo: Keri with Birthday Cake

It is always a joy to see the other two of the brood, the corn silk kids, Caitlin and Carl. The precocious tandems are always thoroughly entertaining to me. During the course of the evening, they were treated to a bat sighting in the backyard, as well as plenty of cake.

Photo: Caitlin and Carl

Of course with the appearance of new people, the customary retrieval of photo albums was performed. This family ritual proved to be most enlightening. An absolutely fascinating byproduct was the discovery that Zoë and her Aunt Ali proved to be infant doppelganger, as evidenced by the picture below. This was much to the chagrin and consternation of Ali’s brother and father of the newborn, Henry. But the picture speaks for itself!

Photo: Ali and Zoe

By the end of the week all three of us, Keri, Ali, and myself made preparations for yet another road trip deeper into the heart of the nation. We would be packing up and heading for Indian Territory, otherwise known as South Dakota. Stay tuned.

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