Happy Anniversary, Ali

Photo: Fred and Ali

Tuesday brought the clearest demarcation of an anniversary for Ali and me. It was one year ago that love lost was found anew. Who would have believed that I would be reunited with my high school sweet-heart after nearly fifteen years? What’s more, who could have imagined that our romance would have grown and blossomed so much that it would compel me to move to the Right Coast so we could be together? I don’t think either of us could have imagined it. Although, it is precisely where I find myself and the year’s literal and figurative journey has been greater than any concoction either of us could have conceived. Now, I am living in Massachusetts with an amazing woman and I am that much better for it. So far, it has been a grand adventure. With Ali, life is simply sweeter.

So Happy Anniversary, Love! I am live from new england thanks to you and wouldn’t have it any other way. You are the greatest!

4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary, Ali

  1. Reading these meanderings sure beats work! Ali looks lovely. Congratulations on your anniversary. Now figure out who this is from!

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