Heading Home Once Again

Well, it is off to the Midwest again, as this week Ali and I, along with Keri and Zerbert, head back to Chicagoland for some summer family fun. Thus, all Live from New England posts henceforth will be piped in from the greater Chicago metro area.

I have to admit that I am looking forward to sinking my teeth into all those longed for local victuals. Considering I am back on the exercise wagon, so as to not die an early death and maintain some semblance of physical fitness, I will need to demonstrate moderation. Nevertheless, I will be resuming the gastronomic tour which I started early in the year. This time I will be able to hit all those places that tend to close the doors in the colder climes.

Of course, I will maintain a chronicle of the adventures, complete with pictures. In addition to Chicago, we will be heading out to South Dakota briefly to visit Ali’s grandma. Best of all, the trip will include a detour to the Spam Museum. Believe me there will be pictures! I can hardly wait to take in some of that Americana kitsch. Hopefully, there will be other incidental adventures along the way.

So, stay tuned.

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