Heading into the Break:A Visit from My Parents

As the week comes to a close, it is remarkable how much has actually happened. Considering that I was off from school, a vacation that couldn’t have come at a better time. Just before school vacation began my parents returned to the Hub for their longest visit to date. Arriving on Thursday afternoon, they were in town for the Easter holiday weekend. It was a big weekend for a number of reasons. One it gave my parents a chance to see the area more than the few hours they were here over Memorial Day weekend. It also marked the first time that my parents were to meet Ali’s dad and his wife.

Photo: Parent's in front of Frienship of Salem

Ironically, my parents had never met either set of Ali’s parents in all these years. I think our mothers may have met one other time, but that’s it, which is kind of amazing considering that we have dated over five years, combining our current and high school romances. However, by the week’s end everyone had a chance to be introduced.

Anyway, after I finished up on Good Friday, I took my parent’s up the north shore, along Cape Ann. My mother was very interested in Salem, which only served to tickle my father’s funny bone, as he was convinced that she would run into sisters she never knew she had. It was a fun day showing them around to a number of things with which I had already become familiar. I rather like Salem, quite a bit. We also stopped in Gloucester and Rockport on our way up the cape. Unfortunately, nearly everything in Rockport was as yet unopened. Yet, there was enough to see as we walked around at the end of the day. Considering, Ali was stuck at work all day and most of the night, I think I was able to play the successful tour guide.

Photo: The Witch Museum Photo: Mom at Bewitched Statue

Saturday was spent in more urban climes, as we headed down to Charlestown for the USS Constitution and Bunker Hill. Considering that my dad is a former sailor, he definitely likes being by the water and he still finds the ships fairly cool. I have to say that he was quite a trooper. He had found and spent a few days running an uphill course near their hotel, so climbing the Bunker Hill Memorial’s 294 stairs was a solid challenge, only to be followed by a Sunday morning 4.5 mile run through Weston Woods. He stayed right with us the whole time. Even my mom hung in there most of the trip, although not nearly as active. She has been recovering from some recent surgery, but she was able to walk around a fair amount.

Photo: USS Constitution with Bunker Hill Monument

Easter proved to be a rather enjoyable affair, despite the fact there is little photographic evidence. Most of our pics were too poor to post. The whole event was actually a much tamer affair than either Ali or I had envisioned. Nevertheless, all seemed to have an enjoyable time. Before we knew it, the weekend was over and my parents headed back to Chicago, where Ali and I were headed by midweek. More on that later.

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