My Birthday Recap

As we close out the month, I thought I should recap that I did in fact have a birthday. That’s right I am merely a few months from officially being the LP age. Since the thirteenth, I am only thirty-three. Moreover, it was the best one in recent memory, thanks to Ali. Being keenly aware of many of my longing for certain aspects of Chicago, she made a special order in anticipation of the day. Of course these longings have nothing to do with Boston. However, certainly everyone has a special place in their heart for things reminiscent of where they are from. For me, a lot of these longings center on food. Chicago is the place with all kinds of food that will undoubtedly send you to an early grave, but it’s so good. What’s more you just can’t find many of the tasty treats outside Chicagoland.

Of the many delicious treats I miss is the Italian beef sandwich. Everyone that I know that has moved away from the area secretly desires the exquisite deliciousness of this Chicago delicacy. Ask for an Italian beef anywhere else in the country and people look at you like you have grown an extra head. This requires all of those that have left the area to devour one whenever we have returned. Ali knows this, for she frequently remarks on my need to satisfy my cravings when home. In a gift of pure genius she had a kit of Italian beef sandwiches shipped in for the occasion. Here is the moment of realization.

Photo: Box of Italian Beefs

While my favorite vendor of the beef is Carm’s Beef No. 3, the box from Serrelli Street was a delectable treat that was every bit as good. I had never been to place, despite having lived so close to it when I was near North and Harlem. I guess I never really stretched much further than Johnny’s which was only a block or so away. Yet, I cannot recommend Serrelli Street enough for the out of towners. It is cheaper than Portillo’s and is even more scrumptious with its jars of peppers and giardenera. It was awesome, as you can tell.

Photo: Preparing to Eat Beefs Photo: Box of Italian Beefs

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