Preparing for the Summer

Finally, the summer is almost near. School will be complete within the week and my reprieve from students begins. Of course, it is yet another jammed season for me. This having the summers off bit of the teaching gig has never really been much of a vacation. Every summer has included a preparation for a pretty big change and this one is no different with the arrival of our new baby. By the time I repair and paint the house exterior and the new baby arrives, it already feels like the summer will be finished and I’ll be back at school.

Still, I am looking forward to getting some things done around the house, since it is so difficult to simply do on the weekends. Also, I am excited to begin doing more presentations to other teachers. I will be spending some time with the Boston Writing Project Invitational Summer Institute, as well as a local education collaborative ACCEPT. Of course, I have some other professional projects to try and manage, like planning a new course for the fall and revising another. Apart from that I will be enjoying being around my girls, especially when the younger one awakes. Fetching Hadley from her crib in the morning is one of the things I rather liked about last summer. Hopefully, we will make some more videos and there will, of course be a whole lot more photos too.

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