Reception 2.0 – Massachusetts Style

Still haven’t got many additional photos from the wedding, but my guess is they will be rolling in now that we are back in town. However, I do have a few images from our reception 2.0 at the home and garden of Ali’s dad in lovely Marlborough.

Photo: Party Patio

I must say that it was actually a pretty entertaining bash, considering the heat was mind numbing. Had it been a little cooler methinks that we all would have had even more fun. Still, to all that headed out west for our suarez, many thanks. We were so pleased that so many people could be there. While we are extreemely grateful for the wonderfully generous gifts, we really were most glad that we got to see you all, break bread (or naan as it was), and chat while imbibing some cool adult beverages. I do sort of selfishly wish that I had not been so hobbled by the untimely ankle sprain, but I tried not to let it slow me down. I may have paid the price on that a little but it was worth it.

Photo: Woodbridge Staff Escape

So I guess it bodes well that in our young matrimonial life we have had the luck of throwing two parties, both under extreme conditions, and we haven’t looked to cancel the deal yet. From buckets of rain to the most dogged days of summer our receptions were memorable to say the least. And to think that we had liquor left on both occasions, suprisingly. Plus, I think we ate Indian food over the next five days; it’s a good thing we like it so much!

Photo: Pin the Ring on the Groom

Photo: Blindfolded Victim

As the pictures clearly show fun was had by all, eventhough they may have felt a bit like a melting popsicle. From a pinata full of candy to stick the ring on the groom (a spin on pin the tail on the donkey), those that endured the heat longer were rewarded with more of such good wholesome fun. In fact, some people were even known to make bufoon’s of themsleves!

Photo: Badminton

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