We’re Having Another Baby!

That’s right, Hadley is going to be a big sister soon. While the word has definitely been out for about a month now, I have yet to post any writing on the subject. We went old school and used the telephone to let people know. Of course, we are terribly excited about another baby and very curious as to how our special little one will take sharing Mummy and Daddy. Here’s an advanced look at the growing little one.

Ultrasound of Baby Two

Ali has been doing great, in general. Her body adapted to the new parasite a bit quicker this time, which was almost necessitating that we begin telling people. Despite feeling pretty nauseous almost all the time, Ali has been a champ. However, chasing a exceedingly curious and active one-year old around the house leaves her more spent than she remembers the last time. In fact, she maintains that everything about the pregnancy feels a bit more intense this time. She is convinced this one is a boy, however, since she routinely exclaims to me, “I have a devil inside me.” So we’ll see if she’s right, although we won’t find out until the little nugget arrives.

In other news, Hadley continues to get cuter by the day, even with the small gash that she received Superbowl Sunday. Yes, we had our first trip to the emergency room with our baby girl, after she ran into a shovel while playing outside in the snow. It was a terrifying accident to be sure. Fortunately, it turned out to be a very minor cut, just through her right eyebrow. So a potential future modeling career has not been completely lost. Likely, it will not even be noticeable once the glue wears off. It does however make for a strangely familial baptism of sorts, as she is now the fourth generation in a direct line of Haas’ to have a scar through her right eyebrow. I guess we might say now that she is definitely official.

Tough Hadley with Injury 1 Tough Hadley with Injury 2

Aside from that moment, she’s continues expanding her vocabulary, both voice and sign, practically everyday. She is also pretty impressive with the animal noises. Reading books with her, arguably her favorite pastime, is growing to be great fun. She points and lets you know where and what things are on the page with signed or voiced words or the appropriate noise. Some of them are just off enough that you still have to speak Hadley to make it out, but it is pretty impressive for not having developed those fine motor skills just yet.

Also, we celebrated Ali’s birthday!. So if you haven’t wished her a happy birthday there is still time. Here is a quick look at the festivities.

My Girls Ali, Family, and Booty

A New Shirt New Kicks More Presents What Every Girl Wants More Gifts?

Recovering from the Party

Anyway, it is a time of great joy in Haas Household East.