Our Trip to the MFA with Some Happy Thanks Given

After a couple weeks of delay, Ali and I finally got out to the Museum of Fine Arts, something I had been wanting to do for some time. Yet with the term coming to an end last week, I had to get out from beneath the mountain of papers that demanded my immediate attention. We went primarily to see the special Ansel Adams exhibition, but also to catch a glimpse of the rest of the museum.

Photo: Me with MFA Map Photo: Ali Admiring Some Art

Despite the throngs of people that were coursing through the special exhibition, it was a fascinating and beautiful show of the master’s work. Even Ali mentioned that the crowds were a bit ridiculous, commenting on how we were four deep at times to look at a photograph that is smaller than a standard 8×10. Fortunately, there were a few prints that were worthy of the large format camera of which Adams was so fond. The trip paid dividends as Adams was heavily influenced by Transcendentalists Emerson and Thoreau, which I am coincidentally teaching currently.

Photo: MFA Rotunda

Photo: MFA Hall of Paintings

One of the real treats of the trip, however, met us right after we arrived and were waiting for our admittance into the Adams exhibit. While roaming around the museum, we happened upon an older woman that works for the museum and was there perchance on an off day for some reason. Well, after I set off a warning alarm for leaning in too closely to appreciate the fine marquetry on an ancient Asian piece of furniture, this woman came round the corner and asked us if something was wrong. She quickly informed me that I was indeed to close and that she too had found herself victim to the warning system. Before we knew it she was asking us questions and leading the two of us on a kind of mini private tour. It was fascinating and thoroughly engrossing as she drew us through a contemporary Japanese ceramics exhibit which yielded the pictures below. It was magnificent stuff to be sure. Hopefully the photographs bear that. That box and crumpled newspaper are ceramic! How the hell the artist made these two pieces out of clay none of us had a clue. The other piece was simply a must photograph. Anyway, this lady was positively delightful. We really got lucky bumping into her, and how she loved her workplace.

Photo: Ceramic Crumpled Newpaper Photo: Ceramic Pineapple Box

Photo: Ceramic Rump

In other news, Ali is still desperately awaiting the completion of her engagement ring’s carving. Her enthusiasm is routinely bubbling to the surface. Since she cannot actually wear the ring that I used to propose, as seen below, she has taken to wearing what she calls a training ring. Although, I have to figure we will be hearing from the lovely Jade Moran in short order. The only problem is that I think that might really shift Ali into hyper-drive. With the way she is chomping at the bit of late, to know that the process is so close to completion might be too much for her. She has sworn me to letting her know when the call comes, however. I just don’t want her to explode. I’ll keep you posted.

Photo: Engagement Ring

Other than that, I hope everyone has a Happy Thanksgiving!