Snowpocalypse 2011

Nary two weeks into the new year, New England experienced another major snowstorm, dubbed locally as the snowpocalypse. This on the heels of the what I called the Boxing Day Blizzard. This storm was considerably more substantial, however.

Photo: Kids at Play Photo: Lost the HandleBeginning in the wee hours of the morning the snow arrived and continued to fall for about eighteen hours or so and left us with eighteen inches. In the early morning rush hours two to three inches were falling an hour. The severity was anticipated and, of course, school was canceled. Snow day!

Photo: Tastes GoodPhoto: ShovelingThe kids loved it. Staying home with the family was a nice reprieve. The house was a nice cocoon from the showdown for most of the day. Ali made pancakes for breakfast. For the rest of the morning the kids played inside and I did some work. After lunch and naps the outside play began.

Photo: SnowmanPhoto: Snow Angel

Merry Christmas Eve 2010

It’s hard to believe that the first decade of the New Millennium is coming to a close. Yet the Yuletide is upon us and the Holidays are here.

Photo: Kids Sending Santa Letter

Kids Sending Their Letters to Santa

We got snow in New England this week,  as if the preparations wouldn’t have been complete without it, just enough for light grass covering blanket. Nevertheless, it should make for some nice photo opportunities on Christmas Day.

Letters to Santa have been sent and the kiddos are anxiously awaiting to see what will be under the tree. Packages from family afar have begun to arrive and I am guessing the little ones will be more than happy with the small haul they will likely receive. The best part, however, is that Hadley is taking great joy in actually giving gifts this year, although she is rather terrible at keeping them secret. She has already proven to be quite the spoiler.

Still, here’s hoping that everyone has a wonderful Christmas Eve and Day.

A Visit from She Who Would be Known as Voof

This past weekend brought with it a special treat, as my mother spent a few days visiting. While her primary concern was to see her lovely granddaughter, we all had a pretty wonderful time together. She was more than gracious while visiting and it proved to be an exceedingly nice trip overall.

Grandma, Son, and Granddaughter   Happy Family

Hadley grew quite taken with her grandma and even re-dubbed her with a new call sign,“Voof.” It was rather cute. She was particularly concerned that there was no Papa on the trip, as she seems to have already figured that both of my parents go together. It must be all that Skyping that we have been doing.

Brady Fan   Hadley and Voof - Concentrating   Hadley and Voof - Happy

Overall we had a great time, in spite of the almost never ending snowfall that added another blanket to New England. It limited our travel to some extent but made for a lot more time at home playing with Hadley, which seemed to suit everyone, especially Hadley and her Voof.