Happy St. Patrick’s Day or is it Evacuation Day?

Well the snow is finally beginning to disappear, after we cracked the top ten of record seasonal snowfalls. It has been nice not to have to spend the day shoveling of late. Now it is just wet and rainy with the sump pump firing up about every five minutes or so.

Still, there have been some days when the sun is out and there is room to run the kids outside and let them play, without having to bundle them. Nevertheless, it is fun to look at them all ready to brave the winter.

One of the nice things about this year already is that my son has already taken tot he beautiful game, usually screaming “Soccer, soccer! Ball! Goal!” when I flip on the weekend Premier League matches or Serie A or La Liga or Bundesliga or any league. Hadley would much rather play than watch, but Fritz is game for both, as these photos will attest. Now I have an ally.

So Happy St. Patrick’s Day or as Bostonians peculiarly celebrate Evacuation Day, the local excuse for an official holiday in the city. Hadley has grown to be quite a fan of “Patrick’s Day,” as she calls it, and has been busily preparing some artwork for the festivities. Get a load of this coloring masterpiece and then keep in mind that she is only three and a half years-old.

I suppose she might have a genetic predisposition with a father who started out as an art major only to get a bachelor of fine arts in performing and a mother that opted for the dual art psychology major, not to mention an artist grandmother. Perhaps she might have some talent, but this sample certainly got our attention.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day ’08

With our little leprechaun, this St. Patrick’s Day is quite a treat. We celebrated the holiday a bit earlier with the Massachusetts wing of the family. As usual the grub is always good, thick slabs of corned beef, loads of cabbage, and plenty of potatoes, as well as Ali’s excellent soda bread, with and without caraway seeds.

It's been a rough night for the Haases   Hadley and the uncles

Irish eyes are smilin'

Here is everyone accounted for in green, for the occasion of course. So let everyone be lucky on this day and don your green garb. As you can see, Hadley Killaine let her Irish show.

What's over there?

For the Irish in Everyone

Well, a belated Happy St. Patrick’s Day to all. Boston or Chicago, it’s a holiday of particular note, most notable in both locales for fantastic parades and cavalcades of drunken louts. Here in the Hub our soon to be Cardinal granted a special dispensation to the flock with regard to eating meat on Friday. Thus, everyone was forgiven for knocking down some corned beef. I heard a priest on the news say he thinks it would relieve the need for so many confessions, to which I thought do you honestly think this reduce the sins associated with the holiday. “Bless me Father for I have sinned, in a word Guinness.” Be that as it may I hoisted a couple of drinks myself and look forward to a few more today as the Terwedow clan convenes for their annual celebration, complete with the corned beef, cabbage, and Ali’s scrumptious soda bread. So enjoy the weekend and heed the words of my favorite cantankerous Irish character, from the film Hard Day’s Night. In one of the all time best lines in the movie, the Samuel Beckett looking little man, in firm reprimand, cracked, “You should be out paradin’ instead of sittin’ here and reading your stupid book!” Doesn’t everyone love a parade?

In other news, here’s best wished to my mother’s speedy recovery. Get well soon. Ali has finally finished all her licensing responsibilities for her programs, with great fanfare. Now she will celebrate with a much deserved vacation to decompress and make headway on the wedding plans. Finally, in response to a request about more information on Keri’s new gig, she is switching to a different law firm, one that is smaller and willing to pay her a whole lot more dough. So, she’ll basically be doing the same kind of work, only with a smaller firm and a different legal specialty. Hopefully, it will be a fantastic fit.