Digging Out in New England

Well, it has been an exciting last week here in New England. Today, was a good day to do some catching up on ye old fritzwinkle. In the last four days we have been slammed with somewhere over a foot of snow.

Half of it crippled the whole region Thursday smack in the middle of the afternoon rush. It was by far the worst conditions I can ever remember being a driver. It was absolutely ridiculous. My trip to pick up Hadley and head home took over two hours, and I nearly didn’t make it. This is a trip that normally takes about twenty minutes or so. Beginning about 1 PM somewhere between 6-9 inches fell fast and furiously until about 8 PM. The interstates were parking lots where it was not rare for people to simply put the car in park, get out of the car, brush off the snow, get back in and start driving again. The occasional abandoned car was not out of picture either. Ali, having to head west from the city spent five hours to travel about eight miles, before deciding to whole up at Keri’s for nearly the evening. She eventually, restarted the trek after 11 PM and pulled in around 12:30 AM. Luckily she doesn’t work on Fridays, but I do. So, after a fortunate delayed start I finished the week at school.

snow in new england

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Then today’s morning greeted us with an expected Nor’easter that dropped another 6+ inches on us. This leaves us up to our knees with the winter’s downy. Fortunately, our two great neighbor’s hit most of our driveway with a snowblower, which meant that I only needed to spend an hour and half with shovel in hand to clear the rest of the area and get the cars capable of use. While it sure looks pretty, it no doubt complicates just about everything. Yet it made for a good day to shut in and play with the baby and watch some football, with the sweet smell of Ali’s Christmas cookies in the air. Unfortunately, today’s odd mix of snow, then freezing sleet, and windy conditions thwarted the anticipated Patriot drubbing of the Jets, in the much anticipated Spygate Bowl, a mere 10 point victory when everyone was waiting for something in the neighborhood of 50.

Go Patriots!

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Needless to say that the last couple of weeks have been hurried to say the least. As we prepare to head home for the holidays to show off the new addition, we’ve been doing all the last minute shopping and such. Ali even got the tree up and decorated to ring in Hadley’s first Christmas right. The way this season is going though, we are beginning to refer to the holiday as Hadley Day! Now that we have a baby, it is stunning how many gifts continue to arrive. My mother has particularly lost her mind with a gift giving fever for her one and only granddaughter. It is a good thing that we bought a house, because we need a place to put everything! Still, we couldn’t be more grateful. If only people could gift us some time. Then we could finish moving into said domicile.

But enough chatter here are some more pics of the golden child!