Super Bowl & Super Ali

Well, much has happened since I last posted any mental meanderings. Of course, the Patriots cinched another Super Bowl victory to their growing dynasty. I am officially the envy of my family and friends, having moved to a location that suddenly seems to be basking in the perpetual glow of athletic championships. My mother, of course claims that I am a traitor. Ironically, the charge came not because I in any way abandoned the Chicago teams. Rather, when I admitted I was pulling for my new local team in the Super Bowl, according to her, I abandoned the team of my birthplace. Having been born on the south side of Philadelphia should have sealed my allegiance. My hopes certainly rode on their ill-fated match-up with the Raiders in 1981. Even if they were playing someone other than New England, I may have hoped for their victory. However, there was never a doubt in my mind that the Patriots were going to continue their reign. Now that they did, it almost seems like just another parade through the city of Boston. It is becoming almost more of an expectation.

On a different football note, Patriot linebacker Teddy Bruschi was hospitalized this week after a stroke. All I can say is that I hope it is not too serious. Aside from the concern one might have for his fellow man, he quickly became one of my favorite, if not absolute favorite player, on the team. He is a model player; the kind of selfless team player you hope you have on your team. Now that he got out of the hospital, the information is pretty scant. My suspicion is that his time is done in the NFL.

On a more fun note, Ali celebrated a birthday this week. It took her a few weeks but she caught me in the age category, poor thing. Being that is right on the heels of Valentine’s Day, she makes it very clear that there should be no doubling-up on festivities and gifts. Well, this year she got three celebrations; a birthday with the family, Valentine’s loot, and another birthday celebration with me on the day. I think she made out well. Although I am not sure that she would agree considering that the revelry of the last two were cut short by fatigue. Here are some visuals.

Photo: Ali with Valentine's Day Bouquet
Photo: Ali Showing Gift

Photo: Ali with Birthday Cake

Also, here is a lovely representation of Ali by her younger brother Willie. As you can see, the resemblance is uncanny.

Photo: Willie's Drawing of Ali