Week Four Round-upand Back in Real Time

Birthday presents and mojitos!

Finally, I have caught up to real time with the tale of my beginnings in New England. Week four got off to a grand start, Ali and I zipped down to her family’s cabin in New Jersey to join her family for a belated birthday celebration of sorts. Both her Dad and her sister Keri had recently ticked off another annum a while back and it was high time there were some festivities taking place. The weather was fantastic and we had a grand time. Since the cabin is governed by fairly strict rules, like no television (although this has been slightly relaxed over the years, apparently), our main entertainment was the ancient art of conversation. Truth be told, I spent a lot of time reading, myself. Quick, catch your breath from the shock of that statement! There also is a lake down the road, where we spent some time. We played games and Ali’s brothers Willie and Nik-Nik can be a bit of a handful, as well as quite entertaining in and of themselves.

Ali and I headed back Boston way late Sunday afternoon, since she had to work on Labor Day. Fortunately, she doesn’t have to work like a fiend on holidays, so she didn’t have to race in first thing. That was nice, because we had a kind of half-holiday. From that point, the week seemed to fly by, especially with the NFL kicking it off. Being that the Patriots were in the first game things were all abuzz ‘round here.

Keri getting a birthday smooch!

I talked with my main man Dave, in Indianapolis, that day. Now that the world-champion Patriots are my local club, he proudly proclaimed, “We are going to kick you ass, tonight!” To which I replied, “Not likely.” This proved to be more truth than fiction. Of course, the beauty of this exchange is that Dave pays almost no attention to football. Hell, he doesn’t even own a television. Yet, we delighted in the growing rivalry of our representative teams. It was pretty good game, strangely reminiscent of last season’s AFC Championship tilt. I have to say, being a huge sports fan, it is kind of fun to know I’ll be watching a team that is more likely to win every week. After a decade of Bears teams that suck and do not look like they will be getting better anytime soon (losing to the Lions at home, when they haven’t won on the road in three years!), it is a definite change of pace. Think Chicago in the late ‘80’s when there was an expectation that we would win the division every year and have chance at the whole thing.

Red tongues from Italian ices.

Although, what I am hoping for is a Red Sox and Cubs World Series, again. It looks like my new team is going to have a shot. The Cubs are having some troubles. I must have jinxed them. I said to Ali before I got out here, when the Cubs had just got Nomar and were clearly on track to win the Wild Card, “You do realize that this could be a short lived stay in Boston. I am going to leave, the Cubs are going to win the World Series, and the Apocalypse will be upon us.” I should have known better, but a boy can dream.

On a side note, I just found out that my friend Angela had a little baby boy! Aidan was born on August 31. He is quite cute as the photo will attest. So, congratulations are definitely in order for her and Joe. Good work you two.

3 thoughts on “Week Four Round-upand Back in Real Time

  1. Hey, I think you need to change your currently listening to CD to that great, new Glen Phillips CD “Mutual Admiration Society” or to the Chris Issak CD with the song “The Ring.” Maybe the book you are currently reading isn’t “Ink Heart,” but rather “Cascading Style Sheets.” Let’s be accurate here.

  2. The Man Dave Here.

    Glad to have made your week four post. It is true I don’t have any TV Reception although untrue that I don’t have a Television. I have a 29″ color TV that I watch DVD’s in Full 5.1 Surround Sound; just to let you know.

    Love the site. Stay cool.


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