Yet Another Distraction from Frequent Posting

While the turmoil of change this summer has been documented, one of the things that has been occupying some of my time and keeping me from posting is research. Once again I have been steeped in technology research on the web. Mostly, I have been trolling for things that could enrich my classroom practice, but as I have immersed myself in podcasts, rss feeds, and the like I keep stumbling on more and more cool tools and gadgets. Some things I have been on to for a while but hadn’t really had an opportunity to play with much and others are just popping up everytime I sit down at my computer for longer than ten minutes. For instance, the way I embedded the gallery of images of UMass – Boston from the last post is a new tool I recently discovered.

There are so many cool bits exploding all over the web right now, take that new embedded iPod at the top of the right-hand column as another example. Initially, I only harvested some songs in the preexisting gallery to play with it and see what it was like, because it just looked so cool. Now I have uploaded a small sample of songs by artists that most of you haven’t heard but happen to be some of my favorites. So press play and have a listen and let me know what you think about the music, the new items that I am sprinkling on the site, anything.

I love it when people leave comments. It makes the whole site a cooler place to visit. Fortunately, Blogger (the service I have been using to post content) has made leaving comments a whole lot easier.

One thought on “Yet Another Distraction from Frequent Posting

  1. Freddy what a beautiful baby girl, and such an original name. We’re so happy for you and Ali.Get ready for a little person that says what’s on her mind, that was our experience with girls.
    Love Dean and Marcia

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