A Beltway Thanksgiving

It seems as though so much is happening and at a fever pace that it is getting increasingly harder to craft clever posts. I am just now starting to settle in at the high school. It has taken a while to get the student names into my melon and the schedule is a little on the crazy side. So, I definitely have my work cut out for me with the new teaching gig. Still, I am pretty fortunate to have the opportunity. If only I could find a rhythm that would enable me to give some attention to my outside interests, such as this site.

Photo: Feeling the Stress of the New Job

As Thanksgiving arrived, I found myself on a plane to Charlottesville, VA to meet up with the family. It was the first time seeing them since heading to the Bay State. Overall it was a great to see my parents and brothers. Also joining us was my youngest brother’s roommate, accompanied by his mother and sister. With eight for the feast, it was surprisingly strong considering that Aaron was the one planning on doing the cooking. Needless to say the “Big Guns” were drawn into the mix and the mothers seized the day and made sure that the dinner avoided disaster. Although I have to give my baby brother credit considering the amount of work he put into assisting the ladies. UVA proved a great venue for the holiday. It certainly is a beautiful place. Take a look…

Photo: University Virginia Rotunda

Photo: University Virginia Lawn Columns
Photo: University Virginia Lawn Residence

The following day my family and I headed off to DC, since my brother David hade never been there before. Spending the day walking around the National Mall with them was really great fun. Even though I had been to the nation’s capitol before there is still a whole lot left to see. It is amazing how many sites are crammed into the limits of that city. Plus, the monuments on the Mall are truly spectacular. I snapped a whole mess of photos. That evening was the end of my stay as I stayed near Dulles and headed back home and spent the rest of the weekend with my sweetheart.

Photo: Lincoln Memorial
Photo: My Brother David Eating the Washington Monument

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