Update from the Trenches

Sincerest apologies for the lack of postings in the last week or so, I have been plenty busy. Now that I am completely employed at the local high school, finishing the year out as a full-time English instructor, I have had my work cut out for me. The unfortunate reality of the situation is that the school did very little in preparation for anyone taking over for the teacher I am replacing. From tell of things, the administration was in denial about her departure. Thus, there was very little in the way of material ready for me to take and execute. All this means that I have spent the last week and a half trying to figure out how I am going to cover the curriculum in a meaningful and deep way.

Also this week, it seemed as though every night presented me with additional requirements. I have been teaching a basic computer class for adults at the Charles River Public Internet Center in Waltham. This soaks up my evening every Monday. Plus, Ali roped me and her sister, Keri, into participating in the human rights committee for her company. Since she works with adults that have an assortment of mental illness, it is important that they have people outside the company to be their advocates. Well, this week Keri and I had to visit one of the residential programs for the company. Add a concert for Ali’s beloved Glen Phillips and suddenly there was very little time to throw any tales into the digital realm.

Speaking of the concert, the show was great. The greater Boston area is jeweled with a number of quality smaller venues for entertainment. The former front man for 90’s indie-rock band Toad the Wet Sprocket, played the Paradise solo with nothing but a single acoustic guitar. The club is steeped in a history of countless acts that have played there before jumping to the stadium circuit. It is an intimate setting and in front of a couple hundred people, I got to meet Ali’s imaginary fiancé. While the introduction had a certain aloofness, things went reasonably well and as luck would have it Ali did eventually go home with me. Anyone that knows my girlfriend well has been indoctrinated into her grand delusion. However, many are unaware that Ali has long harbored an obsession with Mr. Phillips. So great is her fantasy that prior to our reunion she staged a faux wedding complete with an elaborate home reception. Never mind that she is a licensed mental health professional; all of her associates are in on it. Once more, Glen (we’re on a first basis) is happily married with two small children in Southern California. I am sure that Ali will conveniently block the last sentence upon reading.

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