A Little Longing for My Kind of Town

Well, so much for my hopes of establishing a little more of a routine in postings. Since the school year began, it seems as though time accelerated. As a good friend put it recently, “The school year starts and you forget about the rest of us.” Of course that is not true, but with the added responsibility of the soccer team and my time really has not been my own as much as I would like, or Ali would like for that matter. Which reminds me…I guess I ruffled a few feather of my Jewish brethren with the comments that I made about my soccer team. Let me be extremely clear, the whiney comment had nothing to do with the lads being Jewish, but it has everything to do with being a bunch of spoiled and entitled private school kids.

So, the White Sox won the World Series! Who would have thought? I spent nearly my entire life in Chicago, honestly thinking that I would never see a World Championship baseball team on either side of town. I transplant to New England and before I know it I am riding the roller coaster ride of last year’s destiny team, the Red Sox. Living amidst the celebration so long in waiting was something to see, but I have to admit, as great as it was, this year’s champs made left me long to be in Chicago more than I have ever, since moving out East. I wish that I could have taken off Friday, on account of that acute affliction, Sox Fever, and headed downtown for the parade. At least my mate Vince sent me some photos of the action. His family are die-hard South Side fans. I have to admit a partiality for the North Side, but I just love it anytime any Chicago team has a chance. I just love baseball and have always maintained a soft spot for the Sox. In fact, I think my Cubbie sympathies had more to do with geography than anything. So hats off to Ozzie’s Boys; there were moments when they reminded me of the Winning Ugly team of ’83, but this group made it a whole lot sweeter! I, too, still have a hard time believing it.

By the way, Ali and I had our first official gathering. I t was a Halloween party that achieved modest success. More to come with pictures, shortly.

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