Halloween Party ‘05

Last weekend, Ali and I hosted our very first suarez together. While our apartment is small and our guests were many, it seems as though a good time was had by all. Of course, I was way too concerned about the size of the guest list and invited people accordingly, and Ali kept assuring me that it was not going to be a problem. Turns out she was right, again. I hate it when that happens with such frequency. It really goes to her head! Nevertheless, she wins the prize for the most invitees in attendance, but that is fine with me because I am crazy about her usual suspects. Plus, when you threw in my chums, it was an interesting phenomenon. I mean come on, a bunch of teachers and social worker together in one tiny dwelling; it really doesn’t get much crazier than that!

Photo: The Party Food

Of course the only downside was we purchased way too much booze for the event; and with little space to put it, I am forced to drink it with haste. Wait, I guess that doesn’t really qualify as a downside! We had a fair amount of food leftover as well, but that seemed to get quickly distributed and disappeared, with the exception of more candy than I have seen in recent memory. However, this is the inaugural holiday in what kicks off the Candy Season (Halloween to Easter), an annual event previously unknown to me before my reuniting with Ali. Coincidentally, in addition to coining the term, the kickoff is Ali’s favorite of all holidays. I leave it to all of you to discern why that it is; but picture a cute young sun bleached-blonde girl of toddler age, filled with boundless glee, covered in chocolate from head to toe with the inaudible shouts of “Candy!” present in the frame and you have captured one of the many snapshots of my beloved as a child. Here’s one prime example. Need I say more!

Photo: Child Ali Covered in Chocolate Photo: Ali as a Baby with a Chocolate Duck

The guests were in full holiday regalia, as it was a costume party and most did not disappoint with their enthusiasm. In fact, the elaborate nature of some of the costumes was quite impressive. The stars of the site, the Terwedow girls, were in full holiday attire: Pirate Ali, complete with a parrot permanently affixed to on her shoulder; Keri as an undead bloodsucker (As seen here by the makeshift bar, where else!). I myself was Lance Armstrong again, figuring this is the last year I can probably get away with it. Many others were fabulously adorned. It was a motley crew of pimps, geeks, and horror show freaks, even a priest. The prize would probably have to go to Mike and Vickie, posing as Sugar V and Penny Nipples respectively. Despite their handiwork not being the most elaborate or extravagantly made costumes, they certainly were the most surprising and without question most amusing. Thoroughly enertaining spirit. Congratulations to the winners!

Photo: Ali as a Pirate Photo: Keri as a Vampire

Photo: Me and Ali in Costume

Photo: Vickie and Mike

Overall, it was a smashing swing-ding, if I do say so myself, low-key but smashing nonetheless. We even could have stood more people in the place without a hitch. Ali and I want to thank you all for coming and making it such a fun filled night.

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