Get A Load of the New Knit

Now that Ali is staying home with Hadley, she has restarted her knitting prowess. Apparently, Hadley is quite fond of watching as she winds down for naps, as well. Considering, our little monkey has already outgrown some of the hand knit items that we were so nicely gifted, Ali is ensuring that the little beauty will still look quite smart in the handmade goods.

Modeling the New Knit Crawlin' in the Hoodie

Aside from the great talent exhibited in the handiwork, how about the color choice? That dual major was no joke for my beloved. She definitely has a keen eye for color, not to mention how keenly the color picks up Hadley’s eyes.

Sweater Matches the Eyes

Our little one is growing so quick it is really astonishing. Everyone says it happens fast and that is no lie. Look at how well she is sitting on her own, when it was nary a week ago that she still needed emergency support in place.

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