Hadley Meets Her First TV Celebrity

About a week ago, Ali and Keri got wind of a local appearance by TLC star carpenter Andrew Dan Jumbo. The girls were instantly giddy with the prospects that they would get to meet the Trading Spaces fabricator in the funny t-shirts. Little did I know that it was to be part of larger conspiracy that had both me and Hadley along for the ride.

Kickin' It in the Hat & Shades Me and Hadley

Amazingly, there was not nearly the throngs of people expected when we arrived at the furniture store that was hosting. So there we all were waiting in a rather short line to meet Dan Yojimbo, when the promotional team got a glimpse of the real star, Hadley. Instantly, a gaggle of young women were ogling and inquiring about our little girl. Ali answered all questions while I managed the little one and the girls waited in line. Ironically, Hadley and I became subjects of photos by the Andy Boy Bimbo staff. I didn’t even realize that until afterwards, when Ali and Keri mentioned it. So who was the celebrity? That’s the real question.

Had Ali liked this photograph below more, it likely would have been our Christmas picture. Mind you I am conspicuously absent.

Ali, Hadley, and Andrew

Despite my having a little fun with his name in this post, he was remarkably personable and friendly. The real name thing came from my never remembering it correctly when the girls first started mentioning wanting to go. Nevertheless, Andrew was really a nice guy and was in no hurry to move through the people that did come out to see him. The line did definitely pick up while we were there, but he chatted with everyone, took photos with people, and signed pictures promoting his new TLC show Take Home Handyman.

Hadley Flirting with Andrew

It was just kind of amusing how much Hadley stole the show, a little. Even Andrew was quite taken with her. He loved her name and spent a considerably longer time doodling and writing on his autographed photo for her. It was quite endearing actually. Sadly, he didn’t spend as much time with Keri, as she would have liked. That could have something to do with her degenerating into a giggling schoolgirl, but even that was cute. Keri’s ensemble matched so much you would have thought they called each other and coordinated, as the photo shows. The selection of proper to-shirt for the occasion was a key element for both Keri and Hadley, to appeal to Andrew Dan Jumbo’s love of the clever t-shirt.

Keri and TV Boyfriend

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