New Jersey Fall

Photo: High Point Monumnent, NJ

Recently, Ali and I headed down to New Jersey to spend one last weekend at her family cabin. It was a cool, wet weekend, but the sun broke out here and there on Saturday and we were able to get some quality pictures of High Point Monument. Despite being south of the peak leaf color changes, I thought these images of a rural New Jersey Fall were really rather beautiful. Hopefully, I will get some autumnal imagery from New England, considering its tall reputation. Regardless, all props to Ali since she is the one who took the photos.

Photo: High Point Monumnent, NJ

While there, we did get to visit with Ali’s Uncle Johnny and Sue. It is always fun to see the owners of the Flying Pig Gallery of Sussex, NJ. I encourage everyone to have a look at their offerings. In fact, I highly encourage people to buy something from the gallery, provided you have the means and inclination. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the camera to procure incriminating photos of our dinner together, but check the gallery site and the sister company Flying Pig Virtual Construction to identify the usual suspects.

Photo: High Point Monumnent, NJ

To our good fortune we go to take in a little theatre while there. Thanks to the well-connected Uncle Johnny, we got to see the Passion of Dracula. The show was the brainchild of writer and director Bob Hall. Even more interesting is the fact that Hall has two lives, maybe more. In addition to working for some time as a theatre artist, he was an accomplished comic book artist and writer. He worked for both Marvel and DC on a host of major titles. In fact, I haven’t checked but I might even have a book or two with his name on the inside. The show itself had just opened and the production was still finding its legs. Nevertheless, it was really great to see some live theatre. Definite thanks to Johnny for the idea and the complimentary evening.

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