Red Sox Nation Rejoices – Yankees Still Suck

Well the Red Sox did it. What a difference a week makes. Last week, the question was whether the Fenway side would complete the historic defeat of their hated rivals from the Bronx. No team had ever come back from a 3-0 deficit. Yet, Boston completed the most unlikely of victories. Three Mariano Rivera outs from elimination and the boys from Yawkey Way began a surge that would not stop until they crushed the Cardinals in four straight.

Beating the Bombers was so monumental that winning the World Series was almost an afterthought, if you can believe that. So hated are the Yankees here, that ending an 86 year drought from the baseball’s ultimate crown was not celebrated with near as much vigor as winning the ALCS. Things got so out of hand last week that a young woman was accidentally killed by the police trying to control things. Last night the crowds were swarming but things just didn’t have the same release of tension. Both celebrations marked triumphs away from the home park, but that didn’t stop the hoards from gathering at the shrine. The last series was sweet deliverance, while this series seemed more like sweet relief. Finally, the ghosts were sent packing and all the players past were given a glimpse of the greatness that always resided just out of their reach.

The Red Sox won the World Series and a nation celebrated last night, but all the rejoicing this lacked the drama. Outside of game one the Cardinals never even threatened. For all the runs that the Redbirds tallied, the middle of their line-up went missing, for the most part. Sure Pujols hit, there was just no one on base. Who could believe that Jim Edmonds and Scott Rolen would go a combined 1-28. The only time it was close was when the Red Sox weren’t ripping of runs. If it weren’t for all the superstitions of sports fans, New Englanders should have realized that it was over when the series headed for St. Louis. I actually thought that the Sox had so much momentum that they’d cinch it in five. That proved to be a bit generous.

Perhaps the almost anti-climactic result can be attributed to shock and disbelief. It is almost as if no one quite believes it, yet. Although, I did hear a lot of comments like, “I am just happy we beat the Yankees,” and “Nothing is better than beating the Yankees.” To which my response was generally, “I’m from Chicago, I’ll take winning the Series.”

However, all the large contingent Yankee Haters in Red Sox Nation can rest assured that when the their beloved team hoists the championship flag and receive their rings next year the team on the other side of the chalk will be none other than the Yankees themselves. I think it is at that moment when the sweetness of the victory will finally be felt.

Now the two teams with the longest streak of stymied Series wins both reside in the Second City.

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