New Digs, New Gig

It has been a busy couple of weeks. From nearly the moment I returned from my brief respite in Chicago, Ali and I were on the hunt for new dwellings. Unbelievably, it took all of three days. With thoughts of heading to Cambridge or Somerville, we started eyeballing the paper and looking for a place that would make traveling easier on Ali. Yet, we ended up finding a place practically in the same neighborhood. The place is an old building above some shops with a less than desirable entry, stairwell, and hall; however, when you walk in the unit, it has great character. With a full kitchen, 12×14 main room, and 10×14 bedroom, it may not seem like a whole lot, but the fifteen foot ceilings give it a great spacious feel. Hopefully we’ll be able to get most of our stuff in there.

On another front, I was able to secure employment for the coming fall. I am headed to the next town over, moving up the academic ladder a bit, to the high flying Belmont High School. It all happened so fast, it is hard to believe. Nevertheless it is very exciting. It completely removes a huge amount of concern to have locked in someplace so early. Quite a relief, actually. It certainly has bittersweet qualities, considering I will sorely miss my current comrades in arms. In many ways, I wish I could have stayed on in Waltham, but there wasn’t any room for me this year. That being said, it is great to be wanted and I am definitely looking forward to the new year. In fact, I was stunned to discover this week that the school came in 156 in the recent Newsweek high school rankings, the third highest ranking for a Massachusetts school. For whatever those things are worth, it does kind of sweeten the deal a little.