Many Thanks and More from Visits

So I have been getting a lot of pressure about keeping the photos of Hadley updated on a regular basis, and it is not just my wife. Unfortunately, things have been a bit crazy and thwarted many of my efforts to keep uploading more and more new pics. For one, we are still settling into the new digs, albeit extremely slowly. Although as you can see, progress is being made, thanks mainly to Ali and our families. We also bought another car this past week, which was somewhat time consuming and laid waste to most of last weekend. More on that later.

Photo: Me working amidst the chaos as Grandma watches the baby.

Photo: Hadley's Room - Before Photo: Hadley with Grandma

Photo: Hadley's Room - After

Still so many people continue to be overwhelmingly generous to us, for which we cannot be thankful enough. Many of these pics feature wonderful gifts in use. We, read primarily Ali, have been doing our best to keep up with the thank you cards and hope that none have been missed. Although, we did recently receive a beautiful area rug for Hadley’s room that was on our Babies ‘R’ Us registry. Unfortunately, it had no name, card, nothing attached to let us know from whence it came. So, if any of you out there sent that gift to us, kindly let us know so we can thank you properly.

Photo: More Hadley with Grandma

Photo: Hadley Hating Her New Swing Photo: Hadley with Grandma and Mommy

Photo: Hadley's First Ride in Her Jeep

Also, here are some more pictures from all of our recent out of town visitors. Unfortunately, I still haven’t managed to get all of my electronic tools together and connected yet.

The Families Begin to Visit Hadley

Since the last posting, the question for Ali and I has been, “Could we cram more significant events into the month?” Beginning with the first of the month, we welcomed Hadley, and after a few days in hospital the three of us invaded my father-in-law’s home, since our house was still in need of some final adjustments.

After about of month of conversations with the clown college that was responsible for the carpeting in our house, it finally was installed. That meant we could finally begin to unpack the boxes of all our property and begin moving into the place, only after everything sat for three weeks.

Of course only a day or so passed before I started back at work with the beginning of a new school year. Fortunately, I returned to the same school finally, something which makes me quite happy, considering that I rather like working there. However, having already started coaching my girl’s soccer team for another version of the second campaign, things were already gaining traction on the workfront. As I always say, no rest for the wicked, and I must have been one evil bastard in a past life.

Week two began the arrival of out-of-towners. First, Ali’s mom flew in for the first half of the week, pulling in on Sunday and heading back on Thursday. While here she and Ali were able to make some serious progress on the unpacking and organizing. Still we needed a new furnace, especially with the new baby and a premature New England cool spell, before leaving the in-law’s nest. Nevertheless, Mother Terwedow got plenty of time to see Hadley, grandchild number four.

Within a few hours of Ali’s mom’s departure, my parents and aunt were dropping into Logan for a latter half of the week stay. So week two of Hadley’s young life was jam packed with grandparents, as she has now met all but one. With my Dad around, he and I were able to complete a number of smaller things around the house edging ever so closer to inhabitability. Plus, a new furnace was installed. Ultimately, Hadley was poked and prodded and enjoyed by the family at length, and she seemed to be showing more and more of her budding personality.

Of course the entirety of last week I was suffering from a cold, which it would seem made its way to my new daughter. Only now am I finally shedding the remnants of the sickness that one of my miscreant students likely gave me. Unfortunately, Hadley looks to have a few more days of fighting left.

All of this got us to the end of this week, which has elapsed at a pretty quick clip. All the while my wife has been stunningly strong in caring for our new daughter, despite all the commotion. Even with all the help of others, it ultimately comes down to her slogging it out in the world of infant care. Luckily, our sweet newborn is pretty peaceful, for the most part. She has already proven to be relatively willful, however. Moreover, now that she has begun to become more awake and alert, she has begun letting us now that she is not terribly interested in sitting still any longer. If she is awake, she wants to be moving. Otherwise, she lets everyone know it. Regardless, she remains about as cute a baby that has ever lived, despite the effects we may be suffering from sleep deprivation.

So we still have a week left in September and the question remains, “Could we cram more significant events into the month?” I mean, this weekend also marked the official move into our home. Of course I’ll have more photos once I can get all my gear set up and all camera work prepped and ready for show.

Barely Ten Days ‘Til We’re Legal

So now there are less the ten days and counting until Ali and I are bound together in matrimonial bliss. In a way, it is hard to believe that two high school sweethearts will be joined forever in little more than a week from now. I mean it really is an unlikely story, but one with the all the sweetness that could potentially rot a tooth.

The crew at CASCAP, Ali’s collegaues, had a little shower of sorts for the two us this week, which was really very kind and generous. Everyone that was there certainly gets our most grateful thanks. It seemed like everyone I have ever met from the company was there and even more people that I had only ever hear mentiond. Ali enjoyed herself thouroughly and I had quite a time myself. So thanks to you all once again. You are all very thoughtful.

All the last minute planning is now finally upon us and should only increase in intensity with the coming week, as we arrive in Illinois. Inevitably something minor will go wrong, and we will have to make some adjustments. That is just the way weddings go. There is always a wildcard in every event. However, I am pretty confident that everyone involved will keep everything moving along without a hitch. We have way too many people involved and pulling for us to let that happen. So the trick is getting Ali to our frontyard, makeshift altar without any bloodshed. Her stress level has been rising for sure. Hopefully the time off of work and the swell of people willing to help, will allow her to feel a bit more relaxed.

I must mention that I am very excited about seening my parent’s home with all the improvements that have been made. Since it became the site of the ceremony they have taken to an exterior overhaul that by all accounts is a startling transformation. They had wanted to finish some things and do some landscaping for some time, so having the wedding there was the needed excuse to get all the simultaneous projects underway. I haven’t seen any photos, but I am defintiely excited to see the real thing.

So bookmark ye old fritzwinkle, and I will endeavor to bring all of those that will not be attending the Illinois nuptials up-to-the-minute details.