Barely Ten Days ‘Til We’re Legal

So now there are less the ten days and counting until Ali and I are bound together in matrimonial bliss. In a way, it is hard to believe that two high school sweethearts will be joined forever in little more than a week from now. I mean it really is an unlikely story, but one with the all the sweetness that could potentially rot a tooth.

The crew at CASCAP, Ali’s collegaues, had a little shower of sorts for the two us this week, which was really very kind and generous. Everyone that was there certainly gets our most grateful thanks. It seemed like everyone I have ever met from the company was there and even more people that I had only ever hear mentiond. Ali enjoyed herself thouroughly and I had quite a time myself. So thanks to you all once again. You are all very thoughtful.

All the last minute planning is now finally upon us and should only increase in intensity with the coming week, as we arrive in Illinois. Inevitably something minor will go wrong, and we will have to make some adjustments. That is just the way weddings go. There is always a wildcard in every event. However, I am pretty confident that everyone involved will keep everything moving along without a hitch. We have way too many people involved and pulling for us to let that happen. So the trick is getting Ali to our frontyard, makeshift altar without any bloodshed. Her stress level has been rising for sure. Hopefully the time off of work and the swell of people willing to help, will allow her to feel a bit more relaxed.

I must mention that I am very excited about seening my parent’s home with all the improvements that have been made. Since it became the site of the ceremony they have taken to an exterior overhaul that by all accounts is a startling transformation. They had wanted to finish some things and do some landscaping for some time, so having the wedding there was the needed excuse to get all the simultaneous projects underway. I haven’t seen any photos, but I am defintiely excited to see the real thing.

So bookmark ye old fritzwinkle, and I will endeavor to bring all of those that will not be attending the Illinois nuptials up-to-the-minute details.