A Visitor from Far Aflight

So my friend Ken made his first pilgrimage to Boston recently, only problem was that it was a day when snow was blanketing the Northeast. So the controllers, in their infinite wisdom, were inquiring if his direct-from-the-west-coast plane could keep circling some outer beacon high above Logan for an extra forty-five minutes while a runway was cleared. Being a direct flight, the response was a negative and they were re-routed to Syracuse for a flash fueling before finally arriving in Boston some six hours after their scheduled arrival. Nevertheless, it was a great, albeit brief, stay.

Me, Ken, and Hadley

His main objective was to meet the lovely Miss Hadley and this was quickly accomplished the morning after his arrival. He was instantly taken with her. While she is our daughter and all, it is nice when there is independent corroboration of what Ali and I perceive, “That she is the greatest baby, ever!” Ken confirmed this as fact.

Hadley and Ken

He couldn’t get over how good and pleasant she is. He dubbed her the wunderkind, ne’er a more perfect title for our littlest one. She seemed to quite fond of him as well, let the evidence show.