Happy Easter from Our Little Bunny

Well, Spring’s arrival appeared on the calendar far sooner than she has shown her head in New England. Thankfully, the snow has disappeared, but the rain and the wind has left us wanting for some nicer weather, to be sure. For a week or so I was just hoping that our ramshackle sump pump set-up didn’t completely fail and leave us with an indoor pool.

My Hair Feels Good Sleeping with Bunny

Got My Toes!

Ali at Work with Decorating Eggs My egg cracked.  Mehhh :(

What is rushing upon us is the succession of holidays. Only a week apart, St. Patrick’s Day and Easter have created quite a buzz, with all kinds of wardrobe considerations for our young Miss Hadley, as you can see. Considering how much she is growing and how fast, it is a good thing we have so many options, otherwise every photo would have a bit more of a sausage feel. Since she has yet to get a handle on the crawling, she has gotten round in all the right places, our little doughy one.

Fred and Ali's Easter Eggs Keri Dipping Eggs

What? I Didn't Hear That Me and My Cotton Tail are Outta Here

She is, as you can see, one heck of a hambone. Ali has definitely trained her well. It’s already challenging to get a shot of her without her looking right into the lens with a big grin. She intuitively poses already, as well. However, Ali has begun lamenting that Hadley has recently begun to take on a distinctly Haas male trait of blinking during photos, although I have not been able to confirm this of late.

Neener, Neener, Neener!

What's That? Mommy's Bunny

I must admit that I was a bit of a curmudgeon, imagine that, when my lovely wife walked in the door with little bunny ears, inquiring why we needed them. To which she responded, “You wait and see.” Well, she couldn’t have been more right. I think it was the best $1.00 she has spent in recent weeks. I am not sure that some of these pics would score the same cuteness factor without those fake ears, but I’ll let you be the judge.

I'm Comin' For You!

A Visitor from Far Aflight

So my friend Ken made his first pilgrimage to Boston recently, only problem was that it was a day when snow was blanketing the Northeast. So the controllers, in their infinite wisdom, were inquiring if his direct-from-the-west-coast plane could keep circling some outer beacon high above Logan for an extra forty-five minutes while a runway was cleared. Being a direct flight, the response was a negative and they were re-routed to Syracuse for a flash fueling before finally arriving in Boston some six hours after their scheduled arrival. Nevertheless, it was a great, albeit brief, stay.

Me, Ken, and Hadley

His main objective was to meet the lovely Miss Hadley and this was quickly accomplished the morning after his arrival. He was instantly taken with her. While she is our daughter and all, it is nice when there is independent corroboration of what Ali and I perceive, “That she is the greatest baby, ever!” Ken confirmed this as fact.

Hadley and Ken

He couldn’t get over how good and pleasant she is. He dubbed her the wunderkind, ne’er a more perfect title for our littlest one. She seemed to quite fond of him as well, let the evidence show.

Recovering from the Collapse & New Milestones

I'm eating rice cereal now!     Hangin' Out in My Overalls

I think I have recovered from the greatest upset in NFL history, finally. It took a day or two to lose that sick feeling that started around midway through the third quarter. I can’t remember the last sporting event that made me feel physically ill, as I watched. Even more eerie, Hadley began wailing inconsolably after Randy Moss caught the Patriot’s go ahead touchdown with just under three minutes left in the game. It was as if she sensed New England’s bid for sports immortality was ebbing and waning under the Giants final, game winning drive. Although, maybe she was just overly tired, hungry, and sensing the heightened tension in the room. In the spirit of Super Bowl betting, I say it’s a “pick ‘em.”

Getting Ready for the Game with Grandpa

Watching the Game with Grandpa

There is great news from the Haas household as little Miss Hadley reaches more and more milestones. Two weeks ago she began rolling over like it was her job. She had already flipped from her back to her belly a few times, but didn’t seem terribly interested, favoring a twisted, half flip, allowing her to look around without having to completely turn. Then one day she just started rolling onto her belly without a hitch and was nearly incapable of staying on her back. A week later, Ali had her mastering the next flip, from belly to back. So now, Hadley is a rolling stone to be sure, flip-flopping over and over again, rolling to various areas all around the room. She looks terribly impatient about crawling by the way.

What's that you say?   Don't bother me, I'm thinking.

Getting Some Love from Dad

Mid-roll   Watch Me Play!

Since the last post, Ali has begun a life of leisure with our baby girl, having left her job to stay at home to live on my teacher’s salary. Of course, her two biggest concerns are alive and well. That she will forget how to speak with adults and that Hadley will think staying at home is infinitely more boring than the day care center. Undoubtedly, Hadley will miss the level of stimulation some. The staff commented that they nicknamed our daughter Nosy Rosy, because she was always craning to see what was going on in the room with all the other kids. This is not terribly surprising, considering how distracted she can be when Ali is feeding her, scanning the room for me, if I am there, or just to eyeball her toys, making sure they are still where she left them.

Napping with Dad While He Works

Look, Dad! I like computers too!   I'm Getting Good at This

All in all things have been going rather well for all of us. Both Ali and I just keep marveling at how fast our little girl is growing and learning, while trying to get the house more prepared for her graduation to mobile.

In the New Toy!     Always Posing