While I was Away Summer Begins…Nearly

First, let us all welcome Ali’s new niece Zoe, who entered the world yesterday, in the wee hours of the early morning. Congratulations to Henry and Mona on the fresh one in the brood!

Well, I have been getting a fair amount of flak for the lack of the postings, for which I have to apologize. With the moving into a new apartment, end of the school year, and the general drain related to these events, I have been terribly remiss.

Much has happened since my last words online. Ali and I have begun to settle into the new digs, but quickly began to realize how small the place actually is. With tomorrow finally being the last day of the school year, I will be free to begin really sifting through the piles of various articles that we have been continually rearranging, trying to discern what will stay and what will have to go. Ideally, it would have been nice to have done this earlier, but the timing was awful. Having a major research project to finish for a graduate class, the crush of the end of year academic and grading demands were major factors for my inability to really conduct a great purge. Ali did an absolutely fantastic job in all the preparations. She is a magnificent woman. Also, did I mention that my parents also made their first trip to New England during the actual transition. Needless to say, Ali handled it all with unusual grace, especially since I was certain that I was bound to get a stray spoon in one of my eyes before it was all done and managed to come out unscathed.

Here is what the apartment looked like before we piled into it. A lonely R2 was dropped off first to keep watch and desperately awaited our arrival.

Photo: Front Room of New Apartment Photo: R2 in New Apartment

Amidst the move we did manage to give my parents a brief tour of some Boston highlights. Here they are in the Common, with Beacon Hill in the background. Also, my dad and I right before he headed for the 1000 mile ride home on his Harley. As Ali puts it I am definitely not the milkman’s kid.

Photo: Parents in Boston Common

Photo: Father and Son

Nevertheless, I will be posting a handful of exploits that we managed to find time for in the past month.

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