Memorial Weekend Follies

The postings may continue to be a bit infrequent over the next couple of weeks. I am now in the midst of finishing up a lengthy research project for a graduate class I am taking and simultaneously trying to close the school year out with my students, all while moving into a new apartment. Also, by the way, my parents will be making their first visit to New England this weekend, during the move, as luck would have it. Thus the weekend is jam packed already and I will be swamped nearly every minute of it. Although, one of the advantages of my parents coming into town is that it provides a great excuse to dine at swanky Bostonian seafood restaurants, to show off the local cuisine to my fish-loving father.

In future, I may reveal more of my research, which is focused on writing and style. Even though it borders on the extremely obscure, it is fascinating and really transformative stuff. Thus, here’s to everyone having a great holiday weekend

Let’s just continue to hope for a reprieve from the rain that has been washing away most of Massachusetts. We’ve been under so much water lately, I have begun feeling like Noah!

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